Oportunidades de Inversión en Negocios Locales

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Why buy established businesses or companies?

  • Some entrepreneurs, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Henry Ford, capitalized on their great ideas, creating true business empires.
  • Founding a business or company in an unknown country is a risky operation. Many of these great entrepreneurs choose to buy established businesses in unknown countries as a way to enter that market, minimizing risks.
  • That’s why many investors and their specialist advisors opt for another business path, with a higher probability of success: buying an existing company or business. Operational, with age and economic solidity, success of the investment is guaranteed.
  • Don’t make the mistake that thousands around the world make, arriving in an unknown country and wanting to start from scratch, facing requirements, standards, rules, and totally different and unknown ways to open a business or company. When they finally succeed and can open, they are faced with the most real and valuable fact: “and now, how and when will I generate income…”

"Richard Ruback, a professor at Harvard Business School, estimates that there are more than 100,000 businesses set up for sale in the United States alone."

We can help you find the business or company you need to establish yourself in the thriving city of Miami.

We have an excellent inventory of companies and businesses for sale:

  • We choose only well-established businesses and companies (we do not sell young businesses).

  • We conduct a previous audit where we collect information and figures perfectly demonstrable and verifiable to the future buyers.

  • We perform a realistic valuation based on the current performance of the business or company and considering its tangible and intangible assets.

  • All our sales are perfectly structured, committing the sellers to comply with the inspection and analysis periods, the legal stages to close the operation, and the transition periods where the seller must train the buyer in good and successful management of the business or company.

  • We require absolute confidentiality from both parties during and after the negotiation.

We advise and provide our clients with the necessary connections in this country:

  • Connections with local banks.

  • Lawyers specialized in immigration and investment visas.

  • Corporate lawyers specializing in the procedures for the purchase of businesses or companies in the United States.

  • Accountants specialized in business analysis and tax legislation for domestic and foreign investors.

  • Our team also advises our clients on Real Estate investments (commercial, purchase or rental of houses, apartments, relocations, obtaining services).

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