Oportunidades de Inversión en Negocios Locales

Unique Opportunities to transform your future and that of your family:


We offer guidance and advice for individuals seeking well-established companies and businesses, with excellent returns and with ages enough in security terms.
Businesses and Companies across various sectors with sales prices range from $250,000 up to $20,000,000.
We ensure that you find the ideal option tailored to your personal and professional profile.

Secure your investment, your future, and that of your family by making wise decisions while minimizing risks

Purchase already established businesses or companies to achieve all the objectives of your investment: acquiring licenses and permits, hiring employees or workers, securing suppliers, attracting clients or consumers, and ensuring an immediate flow of income.

Licenses and Permits

Licenses and permits necessary for operation are highly required in the US. Avoid the tedious process of opening a business “from scratch” without knowledge of the requirements, standards, regulations, and rigorous mandatory inspections needed for opening.


The existing workforce in the company or business already knows its operations, processes, and protocols that they have to follow on a day-to-day basis up to that point.


Established suppliers, whether they provide merchandise or the elements necessary for the company or business function, as well as the service providers needed, are crucial.


The much-needed customer base, comprised of existing and active clientele, is essential. There are risky entrepreneurs who create their companies or businesses from scratch, only to encounter the sad reality of, “Who do I sell to or serve now?”

Immediate Income

And the immediate cash flow. Buying an operating business or company guarantees the flow of immediate income, which facilitates the health of the initial investment and enables the rapid recovery of the invested capital.

Businesses and Companies for Sale in Miami, Florida:

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